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O Our Capabilities

Quality Materials, Precision Manufacturing

Our capabilities include the custom design and manufacturing of quality compression, extension and torsion springs, as well as wire forms, flat forms and other formed metal pieces.

Compression Springs

Available in many different materials, we can produce helical compression springs in various lengths, diameters and range of forces. To reach the optimum function for our clients, our compression springs can be adapted a specific body size, pitch or wire diameter.

We work in close unison with our customers to ensure that from start to finish, we provide the best service to produce the type of compression spring at the best competitive prices.

Extension Springs

The extension springs we manufacture vary from .010 - .375 wire diameter and are cold formed. The end types we provide vary from coiled loops or hooks, to screw in fixture attachments. Popular choices include machine hooks, half hooks, extended hooks, or swivel hooks.

Torsion Springs

There are generally two common types of torsion springs, single and double coil. For closed coiled helical torsion springs, there is a friction between the coils producing hysteresis in the torque-angle performance so they may be wound with a clearance between coils if required.

Flat & Formed Metal

Wire forms have a wide range of available designs, with the only limitations being in the imagination of the designer and the skill of the machine setter. Through continued investment in the latest coiling and wire forming machines, B&P Spring is able to produce a range of wire form shapes. From complex wire forms to simple designs, all of the products we offer can be made in any size of order.

Our experience of wire processing, including the knowledge of different grades of spring wire behaviors allow us to achieve optimum utilization with our precision machinery. This ensures that your requirements will be met with the upmost precision and high standard of production, from start to finish.

Materials We Work With

B&P Spring has the capability to work with various different types of materials including music wire, OTMB, HDMB, Chrome Silicon, Chrome Vanadium, 302,316 and 17-7 Stainless Steel, Phosphorus Bronze, Beryllium Copper and Inconel.

Need custom springs? Contact us today and discover why B&P Spring is an industry leader in custom spring manufacturing.

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